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Preliminary work has now started on the Mazarron to Totana Motorway. This motorway will join onto the end of the existing bypass, to the north of Mazarron and will roughly follow the route of the existing Mu603. It will pass outside the Country Club, on the opposite side of the existing road, before going up the hill towards El Saladillo Restaurant, before going through Camposol on the present route of the MU603. It will be at a low level here, with a roundabout above to give access to the urbanization. From there it will go to the north of Canadas Del Romero and El Pareton before linking up with the existing A7 outside Totana.

Access to the Country Club will be via a service road on the existing Mu603. Approx. 300mtrs south of the Club entrance there will a bridge over the motorway linking 2 roundabouts, one on either side of the motorway. The roundabout on the east side will feed the service road the the Club and will have access to the northbound carriageway, and the one on the west will feed a service road for the lorry park and will provide access to the southbound carriageway and will also link to the El Pareton Road.

On this photo of the area at large, the entrance to the Club can be seen on the top left hand side.

The next plan photo, shows the area around the Club entrance in more detail.


The distance between to two roundabouts is approximately 180 mtrs. The whole scheme is due to be completed in the summer of 2007.

17.02.07    The loop that will eventually form the service road to the Country Club has now been surfaced and it looks as if it will soon be used to take all the traffic whilst the bridge over the motorway is built. Work has just been started on this.

04.03.07    The new loop is now open and traffic is using it whilst the new bridge and road are being built.


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